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In Duval County, Florida, the path to seeking a Private Investigator offers numerous possibilities. Are you bracing yourself for a situation you’d rather avoid? It’s true, challenges might escalate before they improve, but keeping your focus on the end goal is key. Progress might not be immediate, yet taking intelligent steps now can hasten the process .  Our intention isn’t to bombard you with exaggerated marketing claims – we won’t boast about being the most trusted investigator in the state, the world’s largest agency, or other commonplace website proclamations. Our mission is straightforward: to equip you with factual insights about Private Investigators and Florida’s laws, as it’s imperative to be well-informed. You’re embarking on a journey unfamiliar to you, right?  Navigating through issues like unfaithfulness or child custody battles is undoubtedly challenging. Success hinges on a well-crafted strategy. If you’ve initiated legal proceedings, you’ve gained a glimpse into the intricacies of the court system. The toll it takes, mentally and financially, is undeniable. Countless callers express their frustration after spending over 18 months in court, feeling like they’re stuck in a quagmire, drained emotionally and financially. Legal expenses can overwhelm both you and your family. In contrast, our fees amount to less than a quarter of the typical costs.  Understanding that Florida follows a no-fault principle might already be in your knowledge bank. However, grasping the legal documentation’s significance goes beyond the court’s jurisdiction. It’s about wielding information as a potent tool, a tool you should use wisely.  Imagine if you had legally acquired damaging information about your spouse or your child’s other parent – information they’d rather keep hidden. Wouldn’t this sway them towards settling? The resounding answer is yes. The efficacy, though, depends on meticulous acquisition and ensuring it’s beyond reproach in court. Amid breakups, both parties often craft narratives to friends and family that paint them as victims seeking an escape. But consider the impact of possessing legally substantiated evidence that contradicts such narratives. A licensed Private Investigator’s testimony could dismantle lies. Imagine if the third party in question was married or a colleague – the ripple effect could be profound, haunting them for years. Furthermore, when children are involved, they often become privy to such information.  Remarkably, 90% of our cases never tread the courtroom floor, as settlements occur beforehand. Our “Florida Licensed” status empowers us to operate statewide, offering you the possibility of an alternative approach. Intrigued? Our commitment to you begins with a free, friendly consultation. Reach out to discover “The Bluewater Duval County Difference.”

how does a private investigator work?

It all starts with our exclusive “FREE” consultation where the primary goal is to get a thorough understanding of your current situation. During the consultation, we will ask questions such as Do you know who your spouse may be involved with? What is their profession? What type of schedule do they keep? Is the other person married? Are there children involved? This process will be instrumental in creating teamwork to decipher the best strategy and most efficient approach to resolving your case in a timely manner. Once you agree our services will be beneficial, we shall proceed forward gathering all pertinent information to commence the case. This information will include; work schedules, vehicle information, physical appearances/attributes and any further data we together may deem necessary to successfully meet your goals.

what should i be looking for?

Coming home late from work on a consistent basis
Unexplained or new reasons why he/she is abruptly leaving the residence or work
New clothes and sudden change in how he/she values appearance
Cellular phone and personal electronics are often hidden, heavily used and guarded.
Deletion of historical events, messages, voicemails.
Lack of intimacy and emotional disconnection
Negative attitude & changes towards you, family and friends
Overall disinterest in daily household activities and responsibilities

what you'll receive

This is best answered by stating “anything you desire to know”. Meaning if you need assistance with a pending child custody hearing, a divorce, or you simply want to satisfy a suspicion about a boyfriend/girlfriend, work colleague, or relative, our purpose is to uncover the truth to place you in a position where you’re armed with facts opposed to many times “just that feeling”. Bluewater Investigations is a Florida Licensed Private Investigator & will provide complete documentation as to all activities with photographic and/or video evidence obtained throughout your investigation. In addition, we’ll work with any legal representation you have, and testify in court hearings should the need arise. We join your team to empower you with factual data to make the correct long-term decisions.

divorce or child custody benefits

Just like many things in life the more information you have the better off you are. Rather the purpose being to satisfy a suspicion or a court related matter our job will remain the same “obtain efficient factual information”. If you’re hiring us for a divorce or child custody case, many of our cases never see the inside of a courtroom. The reason being we obtain enough information to place your in position of power to negotiate a settlement to you liking. This saves you time, money, and of course a lot of continual aggravation.


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    Our private investigator services revolve around domestic & surveillance related cases. Generally our investigators will monitor one’s activities to determine their habits for our clients’ specific needs.  This may include something along the lines of where someone may be going, what they’re doing, and who they’re doing it with.


    100% yes provided they are licensed.  We’re in an age that is experiencing a huge influx of non-licensed investigators advertising services all over the internet. The licensing boards are doing the best they can to stop this, however it gets complicated when the unlicensed investigator is not based in the state they’re advertising in. Many of these agencies are acting as subcontractors whereas they take your case, then find a local investigator (generally the cheapest one they can) to provide the work and make a profit by doing nothing directly related to the actual task. Some are not even in this country. Now we’re even dealing with people who have zero background with this work buying leads from companies like Bark® which for a small fee can purchase contact information for people seeking the services of an investigator.  It’s rather ridiculous, but it’s happening. Be sure to confirm any investigator you pay a fee to is licensed by that state in which the work is being done, as when it come court time, their information will be worthless, and there’s going to be very little you can do about it.  Our Florida Agency License number is A1900192, feel free to confirm with the Florida Licensing Board (  To have an agency, one must have an “A” in their license.  


    Yes, absolutely.  By hiring a “licensed investigator” you’re not violating any state laws. Any documentation or information collected during our investigation is legal and admissible in a court of law.  


    No it is not, we are licensed by the State of Florida to provides services.  Where you could get caught up in a stalking issue is by monitoring someone yourself (even your spouse), or having a friend/ family member do it. Should that person catch you, then you’re opening yourself up to a possible restraining order. Don’t hinder progress by not following the laws. 


    They’re going to be times when that occurs, however in most cases especially when working a domestic,  insurance, or someone faking a work injury related case, law enforcement is not going to be involved.  Law enforcement investigates criminal matters, whereas a domestic related situation such as an affair or child custody matter is going to be civil. There are times when our agency investigates someone be defrauded, and they feel law enforcement is not putting the effort which they desire into the case, so they come to us. In this case any information we uncover can certainly be provided to law enforcement to further their progress from a legal criminal standpoint.


    No, we cannot. Private Investigators do not carry badges or have any powers to legally detain or arrest anyone.  We can certainly report a crime, but to intervene to the point of holding someone against their will would not be lawful.


    Being a Private Investigator in Florida does not provide any special abilities to carry a firearm over what the abilities of any private citizen are. Many states require a special license for a Private Investigator to carry a gun during their investigation, or have special restrictions like here in Florida, so in reality we have more rules placed upon us then a normal citizen. No one at our agency has been granted any permissions to carry firearms when working any case on your behalf at any time. It’s not necessary. 


    Here’s a big question. There are many misconceptions when it comes to obtaining mobile phone records as they’re many companies online stating they can do such things. They cannot, this is a scam. Aside from the fact hacking into a phone company’s website and extracting information is a felony, it’s just simply not possible. To obtain one’s phone records will require a subpoena from the courts, therefore you would need an attorney for such an action, however the courts rarely if ever will issue such for a civil matter. When a crime has been committed and law enforcement is investigating, that’s a different story.  Don’t fall for someone on the internet stating they can get these records. 


    We cannot hack a phone.  Another misconception based on what some companies advertise to basically scam you.  We get 100+ calls a month stating, “my phone has been hacked”. The only way this is generally done would be by someone having full access to your phone, placing an app on it that may send them data as to calls or messages coming and going from the phone. Do a search for Apple vs FBI. Back in 2015 the FBI was investigating a case in CA that rocked the nation. They had an iPhone that was locked and requested Apple provide them with a path to get into the phone. Apple refused. If the FBI which of course is backed by The United States Federal Government can’t hack a phone, stands to reason a Private Investigator is not going to be able to do this either.  If someone else has had access to your phone, its recommended you take it to your service provider to request they clean it out of any apps you may not be aware of.


    Many times, what we may see in the movies we feel transcends to real life. What people generally mean by tracking a phone is doing what’s called a “ping”, whereas you’re telling the phone to send you a signal to provide its location. This can absolutely be done, however it’s not something a Private Investigator can do on their own. In most cases this would require a subpoena from the courts when a crime is being investigated by law enforcement.  If someone is telling you they can do that, they’re not being truthful.


    No. we cannot.  It’s not legal unless the person who is driving the car has provided consent.  GPS tracking in Florida is considered a from of search and seizure which is protected by the 4th amendment. Even if you could, using the data from such is not going to 100% solidify say a charge of adultery, as there is no direct evidence to prove the person was driving that car. There is a lot various ruling in the courts when it comes to trackers.  Different states have different laws, and they all seem to be rather grey. You always want to be careful to not do anything that yields you ill-gotten information, as that information will always be tossed out in a legal setting, or could even be used against you.  


    Based on the license our agency holds, we’ve been vetted by various data companies that provide us information the common person cannot obtain.  We do not have access to people’s bank accounts, brokerage accounts, 401’s etc. This like other areas discussed above is an area where some companies advertise they obtain say people’s bank records. Doing such a thing would be 100% illegal. As time goes on with things such a 2-step verification, or codes being sent to one’s phone for access permissions, it’s very unlikely should you decide to hire someone practicing illegal activities you’re going to really receive accurate data.  Such information would require a subpoena from the courts to provide any real accuracy or usefulness in a court of law. Finding things like hidden bank accounts in the Cayman Islands or such, is simply not something an investigator is going to be able to do for you.


    We work directly with individuals and law firms for various case request.  We have cases where say a wife hires us to monitor their spouse, we have cases where a grandparent hires us to monitor the parents. We have people hire our service for background searches, trying to locate people, needing the owner of properties. Primarly we’re hired from people who require information to help them get clarity as to what is going on for personal reasons, legal reasons, or to assist in decision making.


    There are many reasons why someone may want to hire a Private Investigator. For us 90% of our work is when someone needs information about another person habits for various reasons.  Some are for legal reasons; some are just for closure or personal information. If you want to know something, can’t seem to get to the bottom of it yourself, give us a call and let’s see what we can do. Most investigators have a free consultation.


    If you found this website, then you’ve already figured out the largest part.  The next step to hire an investigator would be to contact them, go over your needs or goals, and see if they’re a good fit for what you desire to know.  It’s simple.


    Is a candy bar worth it? Your new shoes worth it? There is no definitive answer to this question. If you just started dating someone, think it might be long term, but have some questions about their activities whereas you wonder if you’re just being too suspicious, and there could be some validity to your thoughts, look at it like this.  You’re involved in something that could effect the rest of your life, so what’s the value to you? You’ve been involved in a child custody matter that’s been dragging on for 2+ years, you’ve spent thousands with a legal team, does not seem to be going anywhere, and you feel there could be some information out there to close the process, what’s the value there? It could even be as simple as wanting to know where your neighbor goes to breakfast each morning. Might seem a little silly, however each person has their own wants and needs, so again what’s the value. Most investigators have a free consultation to go over a potential case, so there’s no harm in calling and talking about it. It’s all confidential.


    In most cases a Private Investigator is going to charge an hourly fee for surveillance.  There’s going a starting standard fee, ours start at 75 per hour, some agencies we’ve heard of may be $170 hour. It really depends on the individual agency and the area of the country you’re needing service.  An investigator here in Florida may be much cheaper than say one in Beverly Hills. For things such as locating someone in most cases it’s going to be a flat fee.


    A typical day for one of our field investigators would be going to a specific location at a specific time as outlined by our client. That investigator would locate the person or their vehicle, and then monitor their activities based on the clients wants or goals. The investigator would take photos, keep legal notes, and report that information back to their agency manager for client review. 


    Most agencies are always looking for that next rock star investigator. Many people that take on the job of an investigator might come from being retired law enforcement, retired military, or in some cases having a career goal in mind, and being an investigator works into that that goal.  Some investigators work in the field providing surveillance services, some investigators work inside the office running searches or providing support to the field investigators.


    Each state is going to have different rules or laws when it comes to being an investigator. In the state of Florida we’re licensed by the FDACS. You can visit their website for more information, however here’s a brief understanding: A person who conducts a business that provides private detective services must be licensed by the FDACS. Unless otherwise provided, a person must be licensed by the FDACS as a private detective or as an agency before the person may conduct a business, or provide private detective services in the state and/or employ certified private detectives. An applicant may be either an individual or a firm. An individual shall be of good character and reputation. If the applicant is a firm, each firm member shall be of good character and reputation. A Florida agency license must start with an “A”, we’re seeing unlicensed investigators putting numbers on their website portraying themselves as being licensed. There is one right now who is actually licensed in another state, and they’re placing their AZ license on their Florida website. Individual licenses star with a “C”, but that person must for an agency with that “A” license.  Bluewater Investigations is an “A” licensed agency A1900192  


    Sherlock Holmes!  


    Theodora Birch did work on The Watcher case in real life. The family hired another private investigator; however, he didn’t have a similar backstory to the show’s quiet star. Theodora is a retired jazz singer with an eye and a talent for investigation.


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    PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS FLORIDA Florida private investigator near me, private detectives, private investigator in florida, tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota, private detectives near me, palm beach, fort myers, clearwater, palm beach, boca private investigator, detective agency
    florida private investigators

    In the world of private investigation, Duval County , Florida, boasts an array of seasoned professionals. Among them, Kate Steele stands out as a true ace in the field. Her recent case that unfolded at a 20-year high school reunion left both the client and the cheater in disbelief. With keen instincts and unparalleled surveillance skills, Kate Steele Jacksonville private investigator managed to unmask a cheating husband, turning an ordinary high school reunion into a night of revelation.  Kate Steele, a discreet and respected Duval County FL investigator, received a call from a distressed wife who had suspicions about her husband’s behavior leading up to their high school reunion. The husband, let’s call him Mark, was exhibiting peculiar signs – sudden secretive behavior, late-night phone calls, and frequent unexplained absences. These red flags prompted his wife to take action and hire Kate to uncover the truth.  Armed with years of experience, all around Duval County as private investigator Kate Steele wasted no time in devising a surveillance plan for the high school reunion event. She meticulously gathered all the necessary information about Mark’s classmates, the reunion’s location, and the expected schedule. Her goal was to be invisible and blend seamlessly into the event to gather irrefutable evidence.  As the reunion night approached, Kate assumed her undercover persona, using her keen sense of discretion to infiltrate the event. She mingled effortlessly with the guests, maintaining a low profile while keeping a watchful eye on Mark. Her ability to adapt to any situation as a private investigator and her discreet surveillance equipment allowed her to observe Mark without raising suspicion.  The evening unfolded with moments of nostalgia and joy, but it was only a matter of time before Kate’s trained eye detected Mark’s suspicious behavior. He was seen leaving the main event and having an intimate rendezvous with an old flame from his high school days. Kate captured these interactions with her discreetly placed cameras, providing undeniable proof of his infidelity.  The revelation of Mark’s cheating at the 20-year high school reunion was devastating for his wife, but it brought her the closure she needed to make an informed decision about her marriage. Kate’s dedication, patience, and unwavering commitment to her clients had once again proven her to be Duval County’s top private investigator.  This case illustrates the invaluable role private investigators like Kate Steele play in revealing the truth hidden beneath the surface of seemingly normal lives. They serve as a beacon of clarity, helping clients make informed decisions in the face of deception and betrayal.  Kate’s expertise and professionalism make her a trusted name in the Duval County Florida private investigator industry, known for her ability to provide answers when they are needed most. In the world of private investigation, she’s more than just a detective; she’s a beacon of hope for those seeking the truth in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida.

    In the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, where the St. Johns River winds its way through the city, Duval County Private Investigator Kate Steele found herself entangled in a case that demanded her expertise and intuition. Kate was a seasoned professional, known throughout Duval County for her sharp investigative skills and relentless determination. Her office, nestled among the vibrant streets of downtown Jacksonville, was a hub of activity where countless clients sought her assistance.  One day, a distraught woman approached Kate, her eyes filled with suspicion and worry. She had heard rumors of her husband’s infidelity and decided to enlist the help of Duval County Private Investigator Kate Steele to uncover the truth. The woman, Emily, handed Kate a file containing phone records, emails, and photographs, pleading for her to find out if her suspicions were valid.  Kate understood the delicate nature of matrimonial investigations; they required a delicate balance of discretion and persistence. With the folder of evidence in hand, she delved into the case, meticulously examining every detail. Her first step was conducting background research on the husband, gathering information about his habits, routines, and known associates. This groundwork was crucial for planning surveillance effectively.  Armed with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, Kate embarked on her mission. She spent long hours tailing the husband, tracking his movements throughout Jacksonville and beyond. Duval County Private Investigator Kate Steele was skilled at blending into her surroundings, ensuring her subjects remained unaware of her presence. She documented every interaction, every suspicious meeting, and every phone call, creating a comprehensive record of the husband’s activities.  One evening, while tailing the husband to a secluded bar on the outskirts of Jacksonville, Kate witnessed a clandestine meeting between him and an unknown woman. Their body language spoke volumes, confirming Emily’s worst fears. With her camera discreetly capturing the evidence, Duval County Private Investigator Kate Steele had the proof needed to confront the cheating spouse.  When Kate presented her findings to Emily, the mix of emotions on her face was palpable – a blend of devastation and relief. The truth, painful as it was, provided closure. Duval County Private Investigator Kate Steele had succeeded once again, not just in uncovering the truth but also in offering solace to a client whose world had been shattered.  But Kate’s role didn’t end there. She knew that her clients often needed more than just evidence; they required support and guidance as they navigated the tumultuous waters of betrayal. As a compassionate professional, Kate offered Emily resources for counseling and legal advice, ensuring she had the help she needed to move forward.  In the realm of Duval County private investigators, Kate Steele stood out as a beacon of trustworthiness and integrity. Her reputation spread far beyond Jacksonville, earning her the respect of both clients and colleagues. She knew that her work was more than just solving cases; it was about restoring faith and empowering her clients to face the truth, no matter how painful it might be.  In the end, Duval County Private Investigator Kate Steele understood that her job was not just about uncovering secrets; it was about helping people rebuild their lives after deception. With each case she closed, she reaffirmed her commitment to truth, justice, and the unwavering support of those who sought her expertise in their times of need.

    In the heart of Duval County, Florida, where the heat hung heavy and secrets simmered beneath the surface, Private Investigator Kate Steele of Bluewater Investigations was sought after for her tenacity and unwavering determination. Her latest case involved a 28-year-old mother of three entangled in a contentious child custody battle.  Kate received a desperate call from Rachel, a young mother fighting to protect her children from a tumultuous situation. Rachel’s ex-husband, embroiled in legal battles, aimed to gain sole custody, citing false allegations against her. Determined to reunite her family, Rachel sought Kate’s expertise.  Navigating Duval County’s complex legal landscape, Kate delved deep into the case. She meticulously combed through documents, unearthed crucial evidence, and interviewed witnesses to piece together the truth. With each visit to the county courthouse and every stride through Jacksonville’s streets, Kate tirelessly pursued justice for Rachel and her children.  As the investigation progressed, Kate encountered roadblocks—false leads, red tape, and elusive witnesses. But her resolve remained unshakable. Her instincts guided her through the murky waters of legal technicalities and emotional turmoil.  Amidst the palm trees and sweltering Florida sun, Kate uncovered irrefutable evidence that debunked the fabricated accusations against Rachel. Her tireless efforts shed light on the truth, exposing the deceit woven by Rachel’s ex-husband.  In the courtroom, amidst the solemn atmosphere of justice, Kate presented her findings with a compelling precision that left no room for doubt. Her testimony, supported by concrete evidence, painted a vivid picture of Rachel’s unwavering commitment to her children.  Duval County watched as the truth unfolded, the gavel finally striking in Rachel’s favor. Tears welled up in her eyes as she clutched her children tightly, the weight of uncertainty lifted from her shoulders.  With gratitude and relief, Rachel thanked Kate for her unwavering dedication and invaluable support. Kate, a silent guardian amidst Duval County’s shadows, nodded with a knowing smile. For her, it was another chapter closed, another victory in the pursuit of truth and justice in a county where every story mattered.  In the corridors of Duval County, Florida, Private Investigator Kate Steele’s name echoed—a beacon of hope for those seeking justice in the depths of adversity.